The stable high quality is created by an integrated
production from monofilament production to netting.

Momoi Fishing Net Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a pioneer company in the development of synthetic fiber fishing nets.
In 1951, MOMOI adopted synthetic fibers as materials for fishing nets, the first time in the world, and MOMOI achieved durability which was not obtainable previously by twist yarn using natural fibers such as ramie and cotton.
This was how the name of MOMOI Fishing Net infiltrated into the minds of fishermen throughout the world.
In 1952, the patent was granted to our MARLON products, uniquely mixed spun yarm to meet particular uses of fishing nets, while utilizing the advantages of individual synthetic fibers.
Also, the triple-knot was developed and the patent was granted. Triple-knot made a great contribution to durability of fishing nets, in addition to easier repairs and knots of webbing holding their original shape.
The foundation for today's fishing net was thus established. It is quite evident that MOMOI will continue to create new fishing net technology.
Today, MOMOI is a rare producer in the world, wrestling with the production of fishing nets on an integrated production line, from the manufacture of monofilament, yarn spinning, net knitting to dyeing and finishing, not only in our domestic plants, but in our overseas plants in Mexico and Indonesia as well.
Momoi is pursuing chemical technology for the most suitable materials, production technology such as yarn spinning and net knitting, and know-how on production control------All these things based on the understanding of the needs of users have greatly contributed to the production of stable high-quality fishing nets which have been favorably accepted for a long time as
Momoi Net worldwide.

Triple and English-knotted Netting Machine

Monofilament Yarn

Twisted Knottless Netting Machine