The Earth, it is a planet with many seas and oceans.
We live together on this blue star called the Earth.
We can live here because we are blessed with natural resources formed by
blue water on a blue planet.
In order to share the life and happiness with as many people as possible--------,
MOMOI will continue to participate actively in our expansion throughout the World.

Since its founding in 1905, our company has always continued to develop new fishing materials into products in response to the expansion of fisheries. In 1951, synthetic fibers such as nylon were used in the production of fishing nets.
In 1967, the company launched into the production of nylon monofilament on its own. Later, the development of an epoch-making triple-knot fishing nets was accomplished in 1970. Technology has always been the key to our growth, keeping pace with the progress of modern fishing.
Momo's long term strategy is to continue operation in line with the development of the world's fishing needs.
Today, we have manufacturing facilities in three countries and sales bases in seven countries, while operating worldwide including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Fisheries in the world are in a period of great transition.
In the future, we will aim for continuation and development as an integrated fishing gear producer that can be acceptable worldwide by wrestling with the development of fishing gear using new materials, not only in the fields of fields of sport fishing for effective and efficient utilization of fish resources as a valuable source of food for humankind.
In the meantime, we will make contribution to global fisheries through global understanding of the future fisheries in their proper perspective and we will challenge for a new leap as world-famous MOMOI in order that we can make contribution to ensure and develop fishery resources as an important protein source for humankind in view of the issue of food supply in the future resulting from an increasing population.