Our market is worldwide.
We also operate production and sales bases worldwide.

Indonesia Factory

Mexico Factory

Momoi Fishing Net Mfg. Co., Ltd. currently keeps overseas production plants in Mexico,Indonesia and the Philippines.
Productora Nacional de Redes S.A. de C.V. (PRONARESA) in Mexico, P.T. Indoneptune Net Mfg., Co. in Indonesia and Marine Pioneers, Inc. in the Philippines were all established in conjunction with local capital and all of them are currently fishing net manufacturing companies on a top level with majority share being owned by MOMOI.
These three overseas plants and domestic plants maintain the high level in terms of an integrated production equipment beginning from raw materials, experiences of staff personnel and know-how. Both plants complement production categories each other under the MOMOI brand and the system has been structured for timely delivery of most suitable fishing net products in response to the user's needs and shipment requirements.
Furthermore, our sales activities are not done through trading houses, as we have our own direct sales network. Our overseas representative offices are stationed in the USA, France, Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand for the follow-up of ever changing needs of users and of the market requiring timely supply of products.

Before the war, Momoi Fishing Net Mfg., Co. continued to develop the market aggressively in Canada and the U.S. for export of its products.
Our viewpoint was that fishery would become one of the most important industries anywhere and the key was the development of fishing gear including fishing nets. After the war, our company changed the name to Momoi Fishing Net Mfg. Co., Ltd. in 1947, and four years later, the company launched into the re-development of export markets. Since then, the company has steadily continued to implement its world strategy in line with the domestic structural development.

From the export of products to the development of overseas sales bases and local production------.
In 1957, the company established an overseas sales organization, Momoi Company, Inc., in California, U.S.A. and we marked the first step in postwar overseas operation with an epoch-making fishing nets made from syathetic fibers. Since then, we have expanded our bases, both production and sales, on a global scale in our effort to infiltrate the name of MOMOI into the mind of fishermen worldwide.

All over the world sea, the kind of fish, fishing method and the needs for fishing gear are not the same.
However, what remains same is the fishermen's insight into an obvious quality of Momoi Fishing Nets.
To gain the user's confidence through quality------this is the attitude that developed MOMOI into the world's brand.